Personalise your ride with the Gocycle G2 App

Now available for free download

Watch the instructions how to download
the Gocycle App: CLICK HERE


Set your driving mode
Choose sporty City, range-extending Eco, or On Demand power at the touch of a button
Fine-tune your motor assistance
Customise the motor power and torque for a workout or a no-sweat commute
Regulate your speed
Set your speed for your local region

Monitor your battery health
Remotely view the charge status and health of your battery
Troubleshooting made easy
Upload your maintenance log to tech support for remote diagnostics
Stay up to date
Download the latest driving software to maximize your Gocycle’s performance

To meet the growing demand for mobility in and between urban areas, GreenMiles is convinced that Gocycle, the world’s lightest powered two-wheeler, is a born winner and will contribute to a better and environmentally-friendly future with sustainable mobility.

Our goal is to provide to our Gocycle Resellers and their quality conscious customers a mobility product of excellence with a creative and efficient service.

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