Your safety is our utmost priority.

If we receive a report of a component failure, we investigate it thoroughly to the root cause, and in most cases, we can identify an affected component from a certain production batch. We then can create a list of all potentially affected frame numbers associated with the suspected production batch.

As soon as we have this information, we use our best efforts to contact customers who could be affected by the issue. We do this first by sending an email notification directly to customers in our database and then following up with surface mail. In order to quickly and efficiently alert affected users, we require accurate contact information for all users of Gocycle. However, GreenMiles or a GreenMiles Gocycle Reseller do not always have access to current contact information for all users because the Gocycle owner may sell or pass on his/her Gocycle to another person and not provide us with the new owner information.

If you purchased your Gocycle from another user, the seller is not obligated to forward you the safety information.

Registering your Gocycle through this Safety Portal better enables us to alert you quickly and directly, in case you could be affected by a component failure or if your safety might be at risk.

If your contact information changes, please register with us again and provide your new information.

GreenMiles cares about your safety and wants to be able to contact you if there is a problem.

Online Gocycle Safety Information  


To meet the growing demand for mobility in and between urban areas, GreenMiles is convinced that Gocycle, the world’s lightest powered two-wheeler, is a born winner and will contribute to a better and environmentally-friendly future with sustainable mobility.

Our goal is to provide to our Gocycle Resellers and their quality conscious customers a mobility product of excellence with a creative and efficient service.

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