Battery Why does the G1 Gocycle currently use nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries and not lithium-based solutions?
The NiMH battery has now been discontinued and superseded with a lithium battery. This improved solution is lighter and has a greater capacity, resulting in a greater range. Any G1 Gocycle can be upgraded to this option.
  Can the battery self-recharge during use?
Regenerative braking is not appropriate for bicycles at this time. While some products advertise this feature, on inspection, you will find that it increases weight, complexity and cost, and the amount of energy recovered is usually less than 10%. Perhaps in five years' time technology will be improved to make this a useful feature.
  How long will the battery last?
A battery’s lifetime will be very dependent on its usage habits and how it is cared for.The battery has a one-year warranty. For more information on our warranty, see our Terms and Conditions of Use or Sale.
  How long will the battery take to charge?
Approximately 3.5 hours.
  Where do I buy a new battery?
Replacement batteries are available either directly from or through Gocycle resellers. Please note that the NiMH battery has now been discontinued. Lithium Battery Kits are available for G1 Gocycles.
  How does cold weather affect the battery?
As with other battery-powered products, performance is known to be reduced as temperature decreases. If the outside temperature is less than 15 degrees Celsius, you may start to experience a drop in power and range. At 0 degrees Celsius, you may even experience less than 50% power and range. The battery will not permanently be damaged by cold weather; it is only a temporary effect. If using your Gocycle in a cold climate, for best performance, we advise that you store and charge the battery indoors.
  How often do I need to charge the battery?
You can view full details of the best practices for battery charging in the Gocycle Owner’s Manual. We recommend that your Gocycle remain on charge when not in use. There is a low voltage warning alarm, signified by multiple beeps from the motor fork. If the warning alarm sounds, this means that the battery voltage is dangerously low and you should charge the battery immediately. If ignored, your battery may be permanently damaged.
  Should I run the battery flat before recharging?
No. This is not necessary. In fact NiMH batteries dislike being run flat and may be irreparably damaged if they do so.
  What is the range of the battery?
The battery range is 10 to 20 miles (16 to 32 km), depending on your pedal input and type of terrain.
  Where is the battery?
Inside the frame.
  Do I have to remove the battery to charge it?
No. You can charge the battery either within the frame or you can remove the battery and charge it outside of the frame. This feature allows for convenient charging of the battery in an office or flat where it is not possible to carry in the complete Gocycle. Consult the Owner's Manual for information on removal and reinsertion of the battery.
  Will the battery get hot?
The battery can get warm under charge and during riding. This is normal. We recommend that you allow the battery to cool before placing it on charge.
  Can I install a different battery type?
  How do I know how much power is left in the battery?
The new Lithium Battery has an LED battery power level indicator feature. The NiMH battery has no such feature, but through experience riding your Gocycle you will understand the level of charge.
  How do I know when the battery is fully charged?
The charger will have a solid green light. You can check the power level of the Lithium Battery using the power level indicator.
  How much will Gocycle cost to charge?
The charging cost of the battery is equal to having a 10W light bulb on for 1.75 hours.
Brakes How long will the brake pads last?
The brake pads should last the lifetime of the product.
  How do I change the brake pads?
It is highly unlikely that you will need to replace the brake pads. However, if the need arises, you can find full instructions of how to replace the pads in the Gocycle Owner’s Manual. If you are not experienced with bicycle maintenance, we recommend that you consult a Gocycle Dealer or bicycle technician and be sure to provide the technician the Gocycle Owner’s Manual as a reference.
  How long will the brake disks last?
Brake disks will last the lifetime of the product.
  How do I change the brake disks?
Only Gocycle technicians should change the brake disks.
  How do I adjust the brakes?
Refer to the Gocycle Owner’s Manual section on maintenance and adjustments.
  How do I adjust grinding brakes?
Grinding brakes may be a warranty issue. Contact Gocycle Technical Support or your local Gocycle reseller.
  Can I adjust the brake levers?
The angle of the brake levers is set at the factory for optimum brake cable performance. You can adjust the angle of the brakes to the handlebar slightly (5 degrees), but we do not recommend this as it will reduce the performance and feel of the brakes.
Chaindrive How do I get access to the chain?
It should not be necessary for you to gain access to the chain. It is lubricated, self-tensioning and sealed within the Cleandrive®. Opening the Cleandrive will void the Gocycle warranty. The Cleandrive should only be opened by the technicians at the Gocycle Service Centre.
  How many gears does the Gocycle have?
Gocycle has a 3-speed sequential gearbox. Gear inches: 1st=35, 2nd=53, 3rd=71.
General What colours does Gocycle come in?
Gocycle G2 comes in gunmetal gray. We expect to introduce additional colours in 2012.
  How much does Gocycle weigh?
The first-generation (G1) Gocycle weighs 35.6lbs (16.2kg), including mudguards and EmpowerPack (motor and battery). Gocycle G1 weighs 26.2lbs (11.9kg) without mudguards and EmpowerPack.
  Is there a speed limit for Gocycle?
European Union limit under power is 25kph or 15mph.
  Is Gocycle a folding bike?
Gocycle can be made stowable and can become extremely compact to be stored in a hard case or soft bag. However, Gocycle is not a bicycle that you should fold up on a station platform or when you arrive at work.
  Is the Gocycle eligible for the Parisian electric vehicle rebate scheme?
Yes. If you can prove that you are a Parisian resident or operate a business within the Parisian district and have purchased a Gocycle, you will be eligible for a €400 rebate as part of the Paris Council's subsidy scheme. Restrictions apply. View the Paris City Council website for more informaion.
Maintenance, cleaning and adjustments Do I need to oil the pedals?
  Do I need to adjust the chain?
  Do I need to oil the chain?
  Can I adjust the shock absorber?
  How should I clean my Gocycle?
Use a damp towel and wipe down by hand. Consult the Gocycle Owner’s Manual for further details.
  Can I use a high pressure hose?
No. Never use a high pressure hose.
Motor The motor feels hot during or after use. Is this normal?
Yes. Treat the motor with caution like the exhaust of a motorcycle, engine of a motorcycle or a hot pan on the stove.
  What happens if water gets in the motor?
If you are riding in the rain, we advise that you use the motor when possible and it is safe to do so. The heat of the motor will help the motor dry off. If Gocycle is left standing in the rain and water gets into the motor, it is unlikely that the motor will not function. In this case, you should either dry off the motor with a towel or run the motor so that the water evaporates.
  The motor feels like its slipping. What should I do?
You may have a faulty drive clutch, which may be covered under warranty. Please contact Gocycle Technical Support for assistance.
  How do I remove the motor?
You should never attempt to remove the motor. Unless directed to do so by Gocycle Technical Support, should you remove the motor, all warranties on the motor will be void.
  What happens if I get water in the motor?
You should disconnect the controller lead to the battery and detach the front fork. Tip the fork over to allow the water to run out of the holes in the motor or the top of the fork blade. Leave the fork in a dry, preferably heated area until all moisture has evaporated.
Accessories How do I fit the mudguards?
Consult the Gocycle Owner’s Manual section on fitting the accessories.
  Where can I buy a replacement mudguard?
You can purchase mudguards directly from Gocycle or from a Gocycle reseller.
  Can I ride my Gocycle without mudguards?
  Is the Gocycle compatible with a cargo trailer?
We do not recommend the use of trailers with the Gocycle. Conventional bicycle cargo trailers tend to affix to the bicycle frame by way of clamping to the tubes of the rear triangle. The Gocycle employs Cleandrive technology—an enclosed single-sided rear swing arm—which the trialer cannot clamp to. Cargo trailers are available that affix to bicycle seatposts, but these can raise the overall centre of gravity and may affect the balance of the ride.
Power How do I use the boost button?
Provided your speed is between 2mph and 15mph (3.2kph and 24kph), and you are pedalling, press and hold down the red button to engage the motor.
  What is the recommended way to use the boost button?
You should use the boost button to get you up to speed from start and as a “top up” to help you maintain a high average speed. You will have the best results by pedalling and boosting to get from A to B faster and with less effort.
  The boost button does not work. What should I do?
Consult Gocycle Technical Support.
Riding the Gocycle Can I use Gocycle off road?
Gocycle has been designed as an urban-specific two-wheeler. We do not recommend that you take Gocycle off road; however, riding on smooth gravel bike paths should be fine.
  Is there a weight limit for Gocycle?
Yes. The maximum design weight limit is 100kg including clothing and all luggage. This should not be exceeded, as doing so may void the warranty.
  Can I ride Gocycle without the Lockshock pin in the suspension?
We recommend riding with either the Lockshock pin or the Shocklock cable in the suspension at all times.
  What is the top speed of Gocycle?
Consult the Tech Specs section of website.
  Are there any age restrictions for riding Gocycle?
In the UK, you must be at least 14 years old. Please consult your national regulations if operating the vehicle outside of the UK.
  Do I need to wear a helmet?
We strongly recommend you ride with an approved bicycle helmet.
  Do I need a Tax disk for Gocycle?
  Do I need to MOT Gocycle?
  Will I need insurance for Gocycle?
We strongly recommend that you purchase bicycle insurance.
  Is Gocycle exempt from Congestion Charge in London?
  Do I have to pedal Gocycle or can I free-wheel under power?
EU law requires that the pedals are moving to have power. How fast you need to pedal is not defined.
  Can I take Gocycle on the train?
Yes, but it will be subject to any laws that govern all bicycles. We recommend you check with your network operator before travelling to avoid disappointment.
  Can I take Gocycle on the Underground?
Yes, but only on certain Underground sections. If you carry it in the soft bag or hard case, then Gocycle is effectively a piece of luggage.
  Can I take Gocycle on the bus?
No, but if you carry it in the soft bag or hard case, then Gocycle is effectively a piece of luggage.
  Can I put Gocycle in the boot of a car?
  Can I use Gocycle without the battery?
Yes. You can pedal Gocycle like a conventional bicycle, with or without the battery in place.
Seat, saddle and handlebars How do I adjust the seat?
Please consult the Gocycle Owner’s Manual section on maintenance and adjustments.
  Can I adjust the handlebars?
You can adjust both the height and reach and the handlebars. Consult the Gocycle Owner’s Manual section on maintenance and adjustments.
  How do I lock the saddle to Gocycle?
If you need to lock the saddle, you will have to use an off-the-shelf cable lock and thread it through the saddle rails of the bicycle. This is the same as any bicycle that comes fitted with a quick release for saddle height adjustment.
Tyres What are the recommended tyre pressures?
For the best compromise of comfort and easy rolling, the front tyre should be 25psi (1.7 bar) and the rear tyre should be 60psi (4 bar). For the easiest rolling, increase the front tyre pressure to 60psi (4 bar); however, this may not provide the best comfort. Never increase the tyre pressure to higher than 80psi (5.5 bar).
  What should I do if I get a puncture?
If you get a puncture, you should stop riding the Gocycle as you may damage the rim of the wheel. See the Gocycle Owner’s Manual for how to fix a flat tyre. You may want to remove the PitstopWheel® and take it to your local bicycle shop where a technician can repair the puncture for you. Like any bicycle maintenance, you should expect to pay for this service. Gocycle uses standard BMX/20in/406 size tyres and tubes. We recommend using a tube for 20in x 1.75in tyres.
  How long will the tyres last?
Tyre life will vary depending on usage and riding style. Typically, a high-performance tyre, such as the standard tyre sold with Gocycle, will not last as long as a lower performance tyre. The tradeoff is weight, puncture resistance and easy rolling. When the central grooves in the tyre have worn out, you should replace the tyre as it may be unsafe to use.
  Can I change the tyre for an alternative?
Yes, you can choose from many standard tyres. Search on the Internet or ask your local cycle dealer for a recommendation of tyres for BMX/20in/406 size wheels. We recommend 20in x 1.75in (406mm x 47mm) size. Tyres wider than 1.75in (47mm) may not fit and will rub on the frame.
  Where can I buy a new inner tube?
You can order a new inner tube directly from Gocycle or from any other cycle dealer.
  Where can I buy a new tyre?
You can order a new tyre directly from Gocycle or from any other cycle dealer. Please note that we highly recommend that you order the Performance Gocycle tyres that came with your Gocycle. We have specifically designed these tyres to deliver the best performance possible through decreased weight and reduced rolling resistance. You may find that significantly more effort is required to pedal and less range is delivered from the battery when using a substitute.

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