Gocycle is the brainchild of Richard Thorpe, a design engineer with a 25-year career that has included employment with some of the world’s most prestigious names in motorsport, such as McLaren Cars, Bentley, Ferrari,…

This lightweight electric two-wheeler is combining on-demand power, portability and style for a no-effort, no-emission commute. Gocycle® the double  award-winning electric two-wheeler that is shaking up the electric bicycle industry, offers commuters a new and exciting way of getting around town at a lower cost.

Description and Features

Performance Commuting™: Gocycle’s high-powered, lightweight, German micro-sized electric motor is discreetly hidden in the front hub and allows the rider to quickly reach 25km/h and travel for up to 64 km on a single charge depending on pedal input.

Maintenance-free, multi-speed chain drive: Gocycle is the world’s first production bicycle to feature a completely enclosed, three-speed electronic shifting chain drive, with side-mounted wheels. This cutting edge and patented Cleandrive® system, combined with the revolutionary side-mounted and interchangeable PitstopWheel®, means no grease and grime on the rider’s clothes and an easy flat tyre fix.

Environmentally-Friendly Manufacturing, high-tech, durable and ultra-lightweight injection-moulded magnesium frame and wheels (Thixomolding® process produces zero ozone-depleting SF6 emissions)

Gocycle is the world’s lightest production foldable electric bicycle weighing 15.6kg and the first bicycle in history to use a magnesium injection-moulded frame and wheels, called Magflow®.

Portability: Gocycle has the perfect space-efficient solution for urban living thanks to a Pitstop design.

About Gocycle® and Karbon Kinetics Limited

Developed and first manufactured in the United Kingdom by Karbon Kinetics Limited (KKL), Gocycle is an electric bicycle specifically designed for the city environment offering performance commuting at a more efficient way than other transport.
Gocycle is an internationally award-winning product!

Company Fast Facts

  • 2002: Karbon Kinetics Limited is founded by former McLaren Cars design engineer Richard Thorpe.
  • March 2008: Gocycle wins awards for Best Innovation and Best Complete Bicycle at Taipei International Cycle Show.
  • January 2009: Gocycle wins Bicycle Innovation Award at FietsVAK, Amsterdam.
  • April 2009: Gocycle launches in Europe to international media acclaim.
  • September 2009: Gocycle wins IF GOLD Award in the electric bicycle category at EUROBIKE, Germany.
  • September 2009: The Prostrate Cancer Charity selects Gocycle as VIP cycle for the Tour of Britain.
  • February 2011: The first-generation (G1) Gocycle is now sold out!
  • September 2011: Karbon Kinetics announces Gocycle G2 specifications
  • August 2012: Karbon Kinetics premieres the Gocycle G2 at EUROBIKE 2012
  • August 2012: Gocycle G2 is awarded the EUROBIKE Award honouring innovation in the bicycle industry
  • March 2015: The latest Gocycle® G2 electric bicycle model from Karbon Kinetics Ltd., has been awarded the 2015 Red Dot prize for Product Design.
  • January 2016: Karbon Kinetics Ltd. (KKL) announced the introduction of its third-generation Gocycle® G3 with integrated automotive-inspired daytime running light (DRL) employing light pipe technology.

Based in London, KKL was founded in 2002 by former McLaren Cars design engineer Richard Thorpe with the aim of developing and commercialising light electric vehicles.

Gocycle meets EN14764, BS 6102 North American Bicycle Standards and has CE certification on its electric components. Gocycle® is a registered trademark of Karbon Kinetics Limited.

Gocycle is available for purchase through a Gocycle Certified Reseller network, or directly online at www.Green-Miles.com

Media enquiries: pr@Green-Miles.com

Sales enquiries: sales@Green-Miles.com


Click here for more information about legislation of electric bikes.


To meet the growing demand for mobility in and between urban areas, GreenMiles is convinced that Gocycle, the world’s lightest powered two-wheeler, is a born winner and will contribute to a better and environmentally-friendly future with sustainable mobility.

Our goal is to provide to our Gocycle Resellers and their quality conscious customers a mobility product of excellence with a creative and efficient service.

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