Gocycle GXi White

Product Code: GM-3255
(First shipment scheduled for December 2019 GXi is available to pre-order Now!)

Gocycle GXi - the fast folder:

The New Fast Folding model GXi is the latest development of Gocycle's NoCompromises® approach and will set a new standard for rider-focused technology in the rapidly growing folding electric bike segment. Model GXi will be foldable in less than 8 seconds and this is making it the fastest-folding model in the Gocycle Range and probably the fastest folding mechanism on an eBike today! Gxi will offer the ultimate blend of design purity, convenience of the fast folding and exceptional rider fit and riding dynamics. The fast-folding GXi will be the ideal companion for taking onto the train or into your office on your daily commute. Lightweight by design, Gocycle is the award-winning electric two-wheeler combining on-demand power, portability and style for a no-effort, no-emission, low-cost commute. Gocycle’s mission is simple: to create the world’s best urban electric bikes.

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